Thursday, October 17, 2013

Some Malted Milk Love

Another new recipe...this one found in a magazine at the chiropractor's office. These are Chocolate Malted Milk Brownies. Aren't they cute?

First thing Jeff said was, "They're round." Of course I replied, "Thank you, Captain Obvious." : )

The very roundness of them is what makes them enticing if you ask me. Well, that and the chocolate swirl on top and the malted milk ball...feel the malted milk chocolate love.

I took a dozen of these on my visit to the chiropractor on Monday. It's only fair since I found the recipe in his office, right? And his receptionist LOVES chocolate. She started grinning the minute I walked in and said, "I was hoping you were going to try those!"

As Dr. Adams walks you out of his office, he says the same thing every time..."Paula, make her next appointment."  As we walked out Monday, he said, "Paula, show her the magazines and help her find another recipe." Gotta love it!

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Barb said...

Yum! Now I'm sad you spent so much time scrapping on Saturday and no time making these before I left :)