Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Some Favorite Things

This may be one of my most convoluted posts ever. I was thinking the other day that some things just make life so enjoyable. Usually it's a small thing, but often the brightest spot in a day can come from a little taste of something, from part of a song you hear on the radio, or from a simple item you see sitting on a store shelf. Many times those things for me are edible. Don't judge me. I love food.

Here are a few of my favorite things, for now anyway...

Soundtrack from "Pride and Prejudice"

Colorful striped paper straws...they're just so happy!

Turquoise blue mason jars...I've had my eye on them for weeks and finally couldn't stand it any longer and put them in my cart at Target last week.

Bread and butter pickles -- somebody stop me, I want the whole jar!

 Discovered this last week...gourmet white popcorn. Delicious!

Pickled baby corn...again, someone take the jar away!

Buy a baby pumpkin. Tie some ribbon around it. Put it out where you can see it daily. I promise your life will be better for it.

Chocolate and toffee - go buy one now. Do it. Now.

What are your favorite "little" things?

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Penny said...

Patricia has taught me a lot about the little things bringing great joy. She finds joy in the oddest things and I love that. First thing that came to mind was fresh flowers. I get them rarely. They are like a hug from God!