Monday, April 28, 2014

Love All Bears

It's true sister love when one sister knows the desires of another sister's heart and gets her a six foot tall teddy bear. Abigail has been asking for a giant bear for as long as I can remember. Katherine jumped on an opportunity to get her that very thing when a friend was getting rid of one she didn't want. We went to see Katherine in school a few weeks ago and she surprised Abigail with the very large furry friend. It was love at first sight. 

A favorite family story involves Abigail and bears. When she was very young, a Sunday School assignment had one of the girls bringing home a paper heart with the Scripture "Love Bears All" on it. As we were talking about it after church, Abigail, as she often did in her literal way, said, "I don't know why it just can't say LOVE ALL BEARS." 

Still makes me smile after all these years. 

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